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Podcast Money Box
Podcast Money Box

Money Box


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  • NFTs
    From CryptoPunks to Bored Apes to original artwork and more, there has never been so much interest in them. Even big traditional art galleries are getting in on the action. Felicity Hannah looks at the financial world of NFTs, non-fungible tokens. They have a boring, slightly odd sounding name but they are generating a lot of excitement. So what are they, why do people want them and what are the risks? Are NFTs dangerous speculation or a new kind of asset? Joining the discussion are Andrea Baronchelli, associate professor in Mathematics at City University of London, & lead on the Token economy at The Alan Turing Institute. and Genevieve Leveille, CEO and Co-Founder of the blockchain-based business AgriLedger. The programme also hears from Bella and Jack who have bought NFTs. Frances Coppola. economist & Journalist, Sebastian Fahey, head of the NFT division at the auction house Sotheby’s & artist Waxbones. Producer Smita Patel Editor Emma Rippon
  • Fraud and energy
    A Money Box investigation has discovered how a scam that saw criminals steal nearly £4m from 69 victims was barely investigated by the police – a response described by HMIC as “woeful”. Of the 69 cases, only 5 were passed on for investigation. We find out why. Twelve senior tax experts have asked the Chancellor to consider a new settlement opportunity for taxpayers facing what is called the loan charge. 50,000 people have been told they owe tens of thousands of pounds to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs due to the way they were employed in the past. These demands have caused serious financial hardship, in many cases with devastating personal consequences. Most households are facing a serious jump in the price they pay for energy in April as the price cap on energy bills looks set to increase by up to 50%. We answer one listener’s question about whether or not he’ll still have to pay more despite only using electricity in his home and being with a 100% renewable energy supplier. CREDITS: Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Chris Flynn Producer: Dan Whitworth Researchers: Drew Miller-Hyndman and Sandra Hardial Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Being a Guarantor
    Would you ever consider being responsible for someone else’s mortgage? Or their rent? Or a debt? What if it was someone you loved and wanted to help? That’s exactly what guarantors agree to do. Felicity Hannah, callers & an expert panel discuss how it works, why it’s needed and what happens if something goes wrong. We hear the experience of Philippa, Clare, Peter, Tim & Geraldine alongside advise from: Jayastri Lowe, Money Advice Manager for Citizens Advice Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire North. John Wightman, Head of Practice for Lending & Affordability at the Financial Ombudsman Service. Gary Rycroft, senior partner & solicitor at Joseph A. Jones & Co, based in Lancaster. And you are access more information about being a guarantor via: Producer Smita Patel Editor Emma Rippon
  • Energy bills
    In April households are likely to see an increase of up to 50% in the cost of their energy bills. Many people already struggle to pay for gas and electricity so the upcoming price hike is expected to push many more into debt with their suppliers. What can people – and the energy industry – do to try to minimise the impact on people’s finances? Starling Bank has stopped paying for adverts on Facebook and Instagram until, it says, they do more to stop scam ads from being placed on their sites. We find out what Facebook parent company Meta has to say about the move and find out what action, if any, the other challenger and traditional banks are doing about it. Individual Voluntary Arrangements to help people find a way out of debt have come under the microscope before for being mis-sold. Now there is a consultation about their use. And after a huge response to a story about cheques on last week’s programme we hear from listeners about their thoughts on them and take an alternative, historical look at those humble rectangular pieces of paper that stir so much passion. Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Chris Flynn Producer: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Drew Miller-Hyndman Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Care Leaver Finances
    It takes a lot to get started in adult life - finding a flat, learning to budget, perhaps heading to university or a first job. Many new adults rely on their parents for help but more than 10 thousand young people a year leave the care system. In this edition of Money Box Live, Felicity Hannah, care leavers, a foster parent and a panel of experts discuss what support is on offer for young people leaving care. We hear from Callie, Mark, Chantel and Elias about their lives in care and how they have been treated by the system in relation to their financial entitlements. Joining them are Carrie Wilson Harrop, Young Persons consultant at The Care Leavers Association; Sam Turner, Policy and Participation Manager at BECOME, a national charity for children in care and young care leavers and Eilidh Malcolmson, a team leader who works with the continuing care and aftercare social work team for North West Glasgow. - helpline 0800 023 2033 or [email protected] Producer Smita Patel Editor Emma Rippon

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